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Website Information - On this site you can find cycling information, cycling goodies, photography, videos and more.

Homepage  - Well that takes you to the main page, you know.... the starting page, errrm the page that you are on infact.

About  - Information about the website and myself. Also you can contact me here with the contact form or use the message symbol found in the top right corner.

Routes  - In the routes section I have and will document on journeys I have taken and intend to take on my bicycle.

Photography - In the photography section I have included some of my photos taken in and around the British isles. Most photos have been taken using a Canon 550D DSLR Camera with a wide angle Canon 10-22mm lens or the Canon 15-85mm lens or a fixed Canon 50mm. I have recently bought a Canon 70D so will be using this from now on. Some of my Photography have been taken with my point and shoot camera which is a waterproof Sony DSC-TX5.

If you are interested in my photography and would like a print you can contact me using the message icon found on every page in the top right corner.









Videos - In the video section you will find videos of cycle rides and places of interest. Equipment used is the Bullet HD camera with the Minoura mount, Sony DSC-TX5 and my Canon 550D. My Bikes at this point are a Scott Sub 20 (2010) and a Dahon Matrix (2011).  I have recently purchased some new action camera equipment including the sjcam and the polaroid cube.

Shop - At the shop you will be able to find clothing designed with the cyclist in mind. All designs have been made in corel draw and then uploaded to my spreadshirt account. Spreadshirt are infact the company that make the clothing but I provide them with my designs.

Also you will find my YouTube channel where I plan to add many cycling videos.

You can use the Signpost with the roundabout at anytime to navigate around this website or you can use the cycle lane provided on the left, you might have to scroll up a bit now for that. The lady in my life suggests that I do not tell you how to navigate around the website as it is self explanatory and maybe a bit patronising but I have seen the general public so I'm leaving this part in.


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